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Judy Fried Siegel MD

Female Mohel
My Philosophy

Brit Milah has 2 elements - Brit, the covenantal ceremony and Milah, the circumcision performed by the Mohel or Mohelet.  I believe each newborn baby is full of promise and holiness. Each Brit holds the potential to unite a family, linking this sacred moment in your life with 4000 years of Jewish heritage.  This ceremony should reflect your family, and as the Mohel, I will work with you to make this happen.


The Milah, circumcision, is a surgical procedure. As a pediatric surgeon and a certified Mohel, I use modern surgical sensibility and technique including sterile instruments, gloves, and disposable sharps. At times I can repair minor anomalies at the Brit Milah and prevent future surgery.


As a Mohel, I do not believe pain is part of the covenant.  I use a compassionate protocol which lets most babies rest peacefully during the Milah.


 I do not perform Metzizah B'Peh, the ancient ritual of orally drawing blood from the wound. In my mind's eye I imagine that as blood is osmotically drawn into gauze, the Brit Milah is protecting your baby from infection and, perhaps Elijah the Prophet is with us, fulfilling the obligation of Metzizah.


 Finally, I apply surgical glue to each Milah.  This glue is waterproof so urine does not sting, it decreases wound infection, and  minimizes aftercare.


 With this philosophy, I combine being a surgeon and a Mohel to honor the Sacred traditions of Brit Milah and add a contemporary approach...

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