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Judy Fried Siegel M.D.

Female Mohel




My Jewish life began in the Conservative Movement in the 1970s at Hebrew School and Camp Ramah.  Today, I consider myself a post-denominational Jew. I feel comfortable in Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstruction and Renewal communities. I have performed Brit Milah in all these communities. My children attend a Solomon Schechter Day School. Philosophically, I strive to see sacred moments in every breath, to foster gratitude  and to bring this sensibility to my work.


As the mother of 3 sons, I understand the sensitivity of bringing a baby into the covenant, having a Bris.  I worked with 2 different professionals over 5 years, one Mohel and one Mohelet.  This created shaped my work as a Mohelet.


Professionally, I am a Fellowship trained, Board Certified Pediatric Urologist.  I studied 16 years to get this title (Cornell University, BS '84, The University of Vermont College of Medicine, MD '88, Reidency: Surgery, 88-90, Urology, '90-'94 and Pediatric Urology, '94-'96 all at Long Island Jewish Medical Center)  I have authored more than 20 peer reviewed publications, and taught urology at WMC and AECOM.  I was the Chief of Pediatric Urology at Blythdale Children's Hospital, Chief at Urology St John's Riverside Hospita and am now Chief of Urologic Surgery at Jacobi Medical Center. My interests in urology include gentle pediatric surgery.


I was ordained as a Mohelet, a ritual circumciser, by the National Organization of American Mohelim in 2014 after an intensive course of text study with Rabbis and Mohelim


I have performed countless circumcisions and more complex pediatric GU procedures on newborns.  This background colors my work as a Mohelet.    


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